About Us – Pentasure

The name PENTASURE is derived from the five major nutrients- Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals- required by the human body to sustain and grow.
PentaSure, nourishing and improving millions of lives globally, a brand that is trusted and recommended by top doctors and leading hospitals across India.
PentaSure is Scientifically formulated and designed by Hexagon Nutrition, one of India’s leading nutrition companies, and has been in existence since over a decade and is available in 22+ countries globally.
PentaSure stands strong on pillars of QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and AFFORDABILITY in clinical nutrition solutions. Today, PentaSure is a multi-product brand striving to innovate and provide solutions to all major nutrition problems while catering to the growing demand for holistic nutrition.
With its wide range of products, PentaSure reaches out across segments like Everyday Nutrition, Fitness and Strength, Diabetes Care, and Clinical Nutrition.

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