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Everyday Nutrition

Optimum nutrition and energy for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Accelerate muscle building and boost energy levels for a productive workout.

Diabetes Care

Longer satiety and complete nutrition without elevating blood sugar levels.

Clinical Nutrition

Comprehensive nutrition solutions for faster recovery from critically ill conditions.

Pentasure's Top Products

Pentasure Nutrition's curated range of products to tend to all your nutritional needs, right from the word Go!
  • Rs.1,112 Rs.1,057

    Pentasure 2.0 – Lean Weight Gainer by Pentasure Nutrition




    Advanced Weight Gainer
    Other weight gainer supplements available in the market are filled with unhealthy carbohydrates which lead to bulking and fat gain.
    The ratio of high-quality whey protein in PentaSure 2.0 ensures lean muscle building without making you look fat.
    Benefits of PentaSure 2.0:
    • Promotes healthy weight gain
    • Equal ratio of carbs and protein
    • Most digestible form of whey protein
    • Increases calories without increasing fat
    • Low electrolytes, sodium & potassium
    PentaSure 2.0 is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain weight without much efforts and with 0 side effects.
  • Rs.891 Rs.847

    Pentasure HP- High Protein for Lean Muscle Building by Pentasure Nutrition



    With exercise it is important to have proper nutrition to see positive and productive results. Fitness and strength is about 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.
    No matter how much efforts and dedication you show at the gym you would not see good results if you are not taking proper nutrition.
    PentaSure HP, with benefits of Whey Protein and balanced ratio of other important nutrients necessary for muscle building and enhanced recovery, is a clinically designed formula for sustained energy release for long-lasting workout sessions. 
  • Rs.807 Rs.767

    Pentasure DM- Diabetes Care & Management by Pentasure Nutrition




    Complete Diabetic Nutrition Supplement
    Individuals with diabetes have to monitor their carbohydrate intake in order to keep the blood glucose levels in check.
    This often leads to fasting (hunger pangs) and avoiding carbohydrates in the diet by the diabetes patients.
    Benefits of consuming PentaSure DM:
    • Lowers diabetic complications
    • Reduces blood sugar levels
    • Lowers blood cholesterol levels
    • Regulates heart beat
    • Increases insulin levels
    • Maintains glucose metabolism
    PentaSure DM is formulated as per the WHO (World Health Organization) and ADA (America Dietetic Association). It is recommended as a full / partial meal replacement for comprehensive diabetes management.
  • Rs.624 Rs.593

    Pentasure – Everyday Nutrition Drink by Pentasure Nutrition



    Today’s busy and hectic professional life can create a nutritional imbalance keeping you from living a healthy and fit life.

    A complete, safe and effective source of daily nutrition with the benefit of Soy protein isolate, PentaSure is an easy way to maintain your nutritional balance effectively to stay healthy, fit and energetic throughout your busy day.
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