5 Reasons Why Clinical Nutrition Is Beneficial For People of All Age Groups

Clinical nutrition is a specialized area of nutrition science which focuses on management of diseases through medical nutrition therapies, correction of micronutrient deficiencies, protein insufficiency and prevention of chronic diseases. There is so much about clinical nutrition that people should know but they don’t. Through this article, Ms. Sasmira Naik, Clinical Nutritionist at Hexagon Nutrition shares how clinical nutrition can help people manage chronic ailments through the right nutrition.

Did you know that seven out of ten Indians have vitamin deficiencies? 75% of the Indian population have severe deficiency levels of three vital vitamins: vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B9- Metropolis Healthcare study.

The problem of undernutrition is severely impacting the general well-being and plaguing the Indian healthcare system for decades. People are not able to get adequate dietary nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. It has brought some radical development in the medical sector with respect to disease management.

Why Clinical Nutrition Is The Need Of The Hour?

It is an evidence-based nutritional science which focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and management of chronic diseases caused by nutritional deficit in a person’s diet due to the underlying medical condition or inappropriate lifestyle. Increasing amount of research supports the positive outcome of clinical conditions after intervention with Clinical Nutrition Therapies and Scientific Formulas.

#1 Caters To The Growing Nutrient Gap

Hidden hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic has been at rise that is depriving the Indian population from essential nutrients in their diet. Clinical nutrition aims at providing nutrients necessary for the increased demands of critical conditions as well as to correct the nutritional deficiencies for a patient suffering from chronic diseases.  

#2 Provides Adequate Nutrition To Patients

Clinical nutrition includes delivery of disease-specific nutrition via enteral routes like the intestine or stomach, for patients who are not able to consume the required nutrients due to their chronic ailments. These products are formulated with nutrients that expedite their recovery process as well.

#3 Reduces The Risk Of Side Effects

The science of clinical nutrition is all about the breakdown, transport, absorption, and storage of essential nutrients in the body. It is not only an effective means of diagnosis and disease management, but it has also proven to reduce the side effects of other treatment options.The ingredients used are well researched for their scientifically documented benefits making sure the clinical condition is improved by their use. 

#4 Ensures A Balanced Nutrition Consumption 

It is imperative to select the right clinical nutrition product to meet the nutritional requirements for the medical condition. A nutrition product or supplement acts as an adjunct to a well-balanced diet, which may be inadequate in a clinical set-up due to impaired absorption, digestion, or altered route of feeding.

#5 Emerges As An Economic Solution

More often people are hesitant to invest in good nutrition due to their budget restraints which creates a nutrition gap in their diet leading to imbalance of essential nutrients and worsening of existing chronic diseases. Using scientific formulas in place of a blenderized diet has shown to reduce the length of stay in hospitalized patients and incidence of infections leading to reduced overall healthcare costs. It can be said that good nutrition support can optimize treatment outcomes and reduce the economic burden on the patient to an extent.

It Equals To Optimum Medical Outcomes

In a nutshell, with the intervention of appropriate clinical nutrition, management and prevention of chronic health conditions have become much more viable. The clinical nutrition vertical is now increasingly being brought into the mainstream medical sector for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. It is high time that we shift our focus to nutraceutical excellence in cultivating a good nutrition profile and preventing some life-threatening chronic diseases.