Health Benefits of soluble fiber: Why should you include in your diet

Everyday we come across many new ways to modify our diets. Everyone has different types of goals to achieve like weight management, diabetes control, some GI issues like constipation and diarrhoea problems. A most effective and powerful solution of various such issues can be Soluble fiber.

Soluble fibers are immensely blend-able form of fiber that can be easily mixed with different types and forms of food. It act as a prebiotic that helps to keep our gut strong and healthy. Soluble fiber also adds bulk to our food keeping us full for longer time, thus reducing hunger pangs, and regulates blood sugar levels. Soluble fibers are also known to lower bad cholesterol levels in blood, thus, improving heart health. It also helps in improving bowel health reducing the risk of hemorrhoids.

Soluble fibers has variety of health benefits like weight management, diabetic care and control, heart health and also reduces risk of cancer. Hence, improving overall quality of life.

One such example of soluble fiber is Resistant Maltodextrin. It is 100% soluble in water. It has low GI and low viscosity. The main specialty of Resistant Maltodextrin is its nature to be tasteless and odourless, thus it does not change taste and texture of your food; And you can easily mix it with your food from hot to cold and liquid to semi-solid.

There are some brands in market like PentaSure Fiber that will provide you with 100% high quality Resistant Maltodextrin powder. It is very easy to use and can be consumed in everyday diets. A very small quantity of powder is needed to be added to the food you desire which goes unnoticed while eating due to its nature.

Soluble fibers are surely one of the best and very convenient way of diet modification to incorporate some of the very valuable benefits for healthy lifestyle.