Know your Proteins: What is the Right Choice for you?

Almost everyday we here that proteins are good, they make us healthy and strong, they are much needed etcetera. But what exactly are the proteins and how can we choose the best for us? Let us see.

Protein are one of the macromolecules needed to build our body. They are the complex molecules made up of simple molecules called amino acid. They are required to play many crucial roles in our body. Each cell in the body works because of proteins. They are also required for the make up of the bodily structure, function and the regulation of tissues and organs. That’s all about the protein description in short.

Now, let us see what kind of proteins should we consume to get the maximum benefits out of it. When we have protein in its complex form like animal or plant proteins as a whole, our body then requires lots of energy to digest it, not only this but there is also a lot of proteins loss in the process. Hence, it is ideal to consume protein in its simpler form of amino acid wherever possible to reap utmost benefits of it. There are 20 types of amino acid in nature, out of which our body is capable of synthesizing 11. While, the rest 9 are called essential amino acids as they have to consumed through diet to meet the balanced need of the body.

We shall further see which simpler and easy digestible proteins are the best:

Whey Protein: Derived from the milk, these are one of the best kind of proteins that has all the 9 essential amino acids. It is also very easy to digest and helps to improve strength and build stronger muscles.

SMP (Skimmed milk Powder) Protein: this is also made from milk and has all the high quality amino acids. It is also good in improving insulin sensitivity, thus is diabetic friendly.

Soy: this plant derived protein has complete protein profile. Also is very easy to digest and will ensure the best supply of amino acid for longer time.

Casein: this milk derived complete protein is also one of the best when it comes to provide you with good quality and long lasting supply of amino acid.

All the above mentioned proteins are readily available in the market as single or in different combinations. Some products like PentaSure HP and PentaSure DM will give you almost all of them and also of high quality to ensure you get the best.

Proteins protects us. So let us have our guard system be simple and stronger for better health and quality of life. Choose very carefully to live very happily.