Role of meal replacers in effective weight management

Today’s lifestyle has made it very crucial to always keep our weight in check. We all know the added complications that come as a bonus with increased weight. To stay within the proper range of the weighing scale, many people are trying many methods that include hard-core exercise and strict diets. But, we need to first understand how much of these are actually required.

It is suggested that proper and healthy weight management can come from 70% diet and 30% exercise. This means that what we eat has much more influence on our body than any other thing.

Now, one will think that eating right means diet. Well this is not completely true. There are various ways wherein you can enjoy your choice of foods in a comfort way. One way is adding meal replacers in your daily diet regime. How these works? Well, to answer this lets first see the amount of calories one average meal gives us verses a meal replacer. One average meal gives us about 700 Kcal of calories, while meal replacers like Obesigo gives us only 202 kcal of calories. So by replacing only one meal with a meal replacers you can avoid about 505 Kcals in a day. This is the way how a meal replacers work.

Meal replacers not only helps you to cut down calories, but they also helps in fulfilling daily dose of nutrients. Some replacers are enriched with special fat cutting ingredients like garcinia cambogia, that helps to shed those extra pounds in a healthy way. Also, accompanied exercise will have added advantage in your total health and weight management.

Adding meal replacers is a today’s smart choice for managing weight healthily. Now working hard or working smart is your choice.