Soluble Fibers for Gut and Metabolic Health

Fiber is a very crucial nutrient in our food which is generally overlooked. Everyone needs fiber to keep their digestive tract healthy and have a good metabolism. Men need 30-35g per day; whilst women need 25-32g of fiber per day. But, our changing meal and diet patterns often fail to help meet these daily needs.

Soluble fiber is one such underestimated nutrient that many of us don’t take seriously. Now, lets see how it works in our system. Soluble fiber absorbs water during digestion and turns into gel. Which helps in slow digestion of food, that aids in proper nutrients absorption, lowers blood cholesterol and sugar levels. Also, it adds bulk to your stool thus helping in easy bowel moments.

Also, when this gel formed soluble fiber reaches your intestine, it acts as a prebiotic for countless microbes in your gut. This helps their proper growth that in-turn healthifies intestinal flora making intestine strong and healthy.

Soluble fibre is naturally found in oats, barley, seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, peas, some fruits and vegetables. Artificially made soluble fiber is also available in market, these are also equally effective. One such very effective soluble fiber is Resistant Maltodextrin. This is completely tasteless and odourless powder form of fiber. Thus, can be added to any of your choice of food without changing its taste and texture. It goes well with all kinds of foods from liquid to semi-solid and from hot to cold. Commercially available one such product is PentaSure Fiber. Made from high quality material, surely gives you the best results from weight management to diabetic care.

Include these magical Soluble fibers in your diet and see the positive changes it brings to the quality of your life.